Activities: City Slickers

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The Cliff House

The Cliff House sits on a bluff over Commencement Bay in Northeast Tacoma boasting panoramic views of Mount Rainier, the Puget Sound, and the Tacoma skyline. Since 1925 the Cliff House has been a landmark in the Pacific Northwest.

McMenamins Elks Temple

The 1916 Elks Temple has been restored and reimagined into a vibrant gathering place for out-of-town guests and locals alike. From the Old Hangout, a bar reminiscent of world travels, to the Spanish Ballroom, a grand space hosting live music, you’ll find entertainment at every turn. Threads of art, history and elements of the local community are woven into the structure. Wherever you are in Elks Temple, you’ll find the comforts of your favorite neighborhood pub and a world of adventure.

Milton Lodge

A restaurant, bar and grill east of Tacoma.

7320 Pacific Hwy E, Milton, WA 98354

Broadway Vintage Shopping

There’s something for every style and any budget on Broadway in Tacoma. Get vintage clothing and trinkets along downtown Tacoma’s Antique Row.

Hi Voltage Records

We give our customers the local record store experience whether you shop in store or online. Used vinyl is meticulously photographed and graded for online viewing and orders ship the same day with care. There are new and used LPs added to our website daily and you can pre-order new releases as well as get an email notification when the item you want arrives.

The Church Cantina

Married team Nicole de la Paz and Adam Jones were known for their Halloween parties before their their gothic haunt in Tacoma took off. The couple opened The Church Cantina to create a date night “dark bar” that could also be the perfect spot for a group of friends to enjoy delicious Cuban food in a laid-back setting. Nicole drew on her Cuban heritage when she created the menu, which includes favorites like fried plantain tostones, mojo pulled pork tacos, and Cuban sandwiches alongside plenty of vegan options and brunch dishes served every day.

Activities: Tree Hugger

Hylebos Wetlands

The Hylebos wetlands trail is just 2.3 miles from camp. The entire trail is constructed as a boardwalk which gives a fairy tale kind of feel to your venture. As you enter you feel engulfed by the cover of the trees and shrubbery. You will likely spot some local wildlife flying, skittering or swimming close by on your short stroll (it takes about 20 minutes to complete the walk). There are two ponds on the property. You can visit the “Deep Sink” which is a __. It also is home to one of the biggest spruce trees in the PNW. The boardwalk is completely flat so fits all physical abilities but be warned! In the winter months the cold does make the boardwalk slick, so wear shoes with tread. I love this trail because you don’t even feel like you are in the city anymore while enjoying it. This is a must see while visiting the camp!

Panther Lake

To be quite honest this should be called Panther Pond. It is small but it’s an absolutely beautiful destination for a short walk (it takes about 15 min to loop it) and it is just 1.6 miles away from camp. On part of the walk you will pass a baseball field and the King County Aquatic Center but don’t let these spots sway you from enjoying nature at its finest. I feel this jaunt is perfect to try out with a morning cup of coffee or an after dinner stroll. There is an area along the trail to walk down closer to the lake with a nice bench if you are in the mood to take in the beautiful view and meditate a bit.

Steel Lake

Steel Lake is a perfect spot for the whole crew to enjoy a summer day at the lake. Take your floaties, your SUP, your beach umbrella, and some sun screen! The lake is just 4 miles from camp and has a very neighborhood kind of feel to it with public beach access on one side and residences on the other. No motor vehicles are allowed. This is a go-to spot for our family throughout the summer when we have the need to cool off on a hot day. The lake has a huge playground, horseshoe pits, and plenty of grills and picnic tables.

Dash Point State Park

We are so lucky to have Dash Point be practically in our backyard. Drive just 2.2 miles and you have arrived. You get the best of all worlds here with 3300 feet of shoreline, 11 miles of trails for hiking or mountain biking, and 140 campsites. You can’t go wrong by planning a day trip or even extending your adventure in Federal Way with an overnight trip here after some time at MJ’s. Check the tide schedule for some fun on the beach if the tide is out or play in the many streams that run through all the hiking trails. Pack a bag and stay for the day with the many treehugger options Dash Point has for you.

Saltwater State Point

Yes! We have not one but two state parks in close proximity to Camp MoxyJo’s! Salt Water State Park is just 6 miles from camp. This park has 1445 of saltwater beach front, the McSorely creek winds through tons of hiking trails, and it also offers camping but wood fires are not allowed at this campground. A great place to visit while in the area.

Redondo Beach Waterfront and Redondo Park

If you are looking for a short yet beautiful paved walk along the water, this is your destination! The beach is just 5.7 miles from camp. The views are spectacular and you can’t help but wishing you are one of the lucky owners of the houses that line the other side of the street. There is a cute little free aquarium that is ran by volunteers and is part of the Highline college of Marine Biology program to visit that is only open on Saturdays from 10am – 2pm. There is a great park down the road that has a lovely beach and walking trails as well.

Browns Point Lighthouse Park

If you are in need of a great picnic spot or a place to lay down a blanket and take a nap under a tree, this is the place for you! With gorgeous views and rich history, this is a little gem tucked away in the Tacoma neighborhood and is just 4.2 miles away from camp. The first structure was built here in 1887 and the current tower was lit in 1933. The Keeper’s Cottage was built in 1901. It is exquisitely maintained with seasonal flowers and plants giving it that cute, cottage vibe. This park is the defintion of picture perfect.